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Java Gaming :
The Best of Java Games

By David Reilly

Java Gaming
highlights some of the great applet games out there written in Java. Sure, you won't see Quake on the web, but the games that are out there will astound and amaze you. Each month, we'll take a look at a sample of the great games out there.

Hi! Welcome to Java Gaming, a monthly guide to great Java games. The column has been on hiatus for awhile now, but we hope to bring you plenty of fun games over the next few months. This month, we feature "RollerBoy2", a fun and addictive game reminiscent of an early Commander Keen crossed with Super Mario.

RollerBoy 2

RollerBoy 2 is an addictive arcade game, and one that demonstrates just how powerful a gaming platform Java can be. To me, it reminded me of a Nintendo Super Mario, with its emphasis on collecting coins and jumping on monsters from above, but there's a lot more to this came than meets the eye. For one, there's a choice of protagonists : either NinjaBoy or DreadlockGirl. Secondly, there's puzzles to solve, such as moving elevators, levers and buttons. However, it isn't too hard to follow the action, as there are signposts along the way.


This is a fun game, but for seasoned gaming veterans may be a little too simple for your taste. Kids will love it, and if you need to fill in a few mindless hours without buying the latest arcade game, you probably will too. The scrolling seemed a little jumpy to me, your mileage may vary.

Going up, courtesy of elevator!

Game title Roller Boy 2
Author Maciek Drejak, Ninja Games


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Last updated: Monday, June 05, 2006