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Java Coffee Break Tutorials

Here are all our tutorials on Java programming. If you can't find what you're looking for, also try our articles section, which typically deals with more advanced topics

Getting Started with Java (A Beginner's Guide)

Get Swinging! Learn to use the Swing API

Visual J++ Users

If you wish to use any source code from the tutorials in your projects, you'll need to import the files into your project first. Also remember that Visual J++ 1.1 isn't JDK1.1 compatible - you'll need to upgrade your Microsoft Java Virtual Machine first. See for more information.

Borland JBuilder

Borland JBuilder should work with all these tutorials, but you'll need to import the files into your project first. We also have a two part tutorial series.

Introduction to JBuilder Lesson One

    Learn how to create projects, add classes, compile and run applications. Includes a simple "Hello World" application.

Introduction to JBuilder Lesson Two

    Write a small applet, and learn how to write a HTML page to display an applet.

Java 101 - An introduction to Java

This free tutorial series teaches the basics of Java programming. It requires no previous Java experience, and is perfect for the beginner. Tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from applets and applications, to more advanced issues such as class design, event handling and networking. For best results, you should read tutorials in sequence - but feel free to skip over a few lessons if you've already been learning Java from a book or elsewhere.

  • Java 101 : Hello World offers an introduction to Java, one of the hottest programming languages today.
  • Java 102 : Dealing with classes will help you get a grasp of objects and classes under Java, while providing a look at the syntax of constructing them.
  • Java 103 : File input and output shows how to read and write to files, using the built in FileInputStream and FileOutputStream classes of Java.
  • Java 104 : Extending classes covers the concept of inheritance under Java, allowing you to extend existing classes. The ease and simplicity with which inheritance allows classes to be modified makes re-use of code a reality!
  • Java 105 : Java Language package covers some of the most important classes from the java.lang package, including the numerical, string and System classes.
  • Java 106 : Introduction to applets gives an overview of how applets can be created and inserted into web pages.
  • Java 107 : AWT Event handling picks up where Java 106 left off, showing you how to create interactive applets that respond to user input.
  • Java 108 : AWT Overview presents an overview of the components provided by the java.awt package, such as buttons, lists, textfields, textareas and choice selection lists.
  • Java 109 : Networking with Java gives you an introduction to the package. In this tutorial, you'll learn how Java handles IP addresses, and TCP sockets.

Intermediate Tutorials

  • AI Search Techniques in Java shows you how to apply simple AI search techniques in Java. Includes two sample applets for a depth-first and breadth-first search.
  • Get Swinging! Learn to use the Swing API offers a gentle introduction to the creation of Swing-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs). We'll show you how to put the GRR in swinger!


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