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Welcome to the Coffee Break! Feel free to browse around and learn more about the Java programming language. Never done Java programming before? Not sure what Java is all about? Learn exactly what is Java and how to write applets and program in the Java language. Experienced developers start here, and with our articles and FAQs.


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Beginner's Guide to Java

BeginnersNever programmed in Java before? Not sure where to start? This quick tutorial will get you up to speed. You'll learn how to compile and run simple Java applications.


Java 101 - Free lessons for learning basic Java

Our series of lessons covers the basics of Java programming. Start gently with objects and classes, then move onto more advanced topics like graphical user interfaces and applets.

More free lessons.

Get your GUI Swinging! Learn to use the Swing API

This tutorial offers a gentle introduction to the creation of Swing-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs). We'll show you how to put the GRR in swinger, baby!

If you're getting into to Java, don't go past our popular Java 101
tutorial series. It covers classes and objects, files, applets 
and networking. Click here to start your Java 101 class

A bit about garbage collection

In an excerpt from Thinking in Java, Bruce Eckel talks about automatic garbage collection, a cool feature that de-allocates unused memory space, freeing it up for other purposes. Your programs need never worry about freeing memory manually again! 

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Book Review:
Java Server Programming J2EE Edition

Learn the art of server-side programming, with a heavy emphasis on Java 2 Enterprise programming topics like EJBs, servlets, JSP, and XML. This book has it all.

Read the review


Q&A : How do I debug my Java applets to see what's going

Applets crashing? Can't seem to diagnose the problem. You're missing the critical clue - the error message! Learn how to view the Java console.


Inside Java :
The Java Virtual Machine

The second in our series on that looks inside the world of Java. This month, learn about the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which is the cornerstone of Java's portability.

Read more about the Java Virtual Machine in "Inside Java".

Interview on J2EE and JSP

In this exclusive interview with the lead author of Professional Java Server Programming, J2EE Edition, we learn about the Java 2 Enterprise Edition Platform, and server-side programming.

Read the interview


Book Review:
Java Server Programming J2EE Edition

Learn the art of server-side programming, with a heavy emphasis on Java 2 Enterprise programming topics like EJBs, servlets, JSP, and XML. This book has it all.

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Book excerpt   : 
Professional Jini

The Professional Java series of books by Wrox Press stand for excellence. The latest title, Professional Jini, promises to carry on the tradition. You can read a free sample chapter, to help brush up on your Jini skills.

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Book Review :
Taming Java Threads

Got the multi-threading blues? You're not alone. Threads are a tough topic to master, but there is an easy way to conquer them. In Taming Java Threads, Allen Holub teaches you to beat them once and for all.

Read the review
Read an interview with the author
Read an article on threads


Q&A : With Microsoft not supporting Java anymore, what should I do?

Due to a lawsuit between Sun Microsystems and Microsoft Corporation, the Win32 Java implementation by Microsoft is no longer supported. You should move to a new Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from

Q&A : Why did Java skip from Version 1.1 to Version 2?

Why the big version jump? What's the difference? Get the answers.


Q&A : How do I run the garbage collector to free memory
and delete unused objects?

Memory problems and garbage collection can be confusion. We'll show you the ropes.

Q&A : What is a Sun Certified Java Architect?

Sun Certification has been covered previously, but new to most readers will be the Sun Certified Java Architect exam. Learn more about your certification options

Need more answers? Check out our FAQs! 


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